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Faculty of Kansei Design

The Faculty of Kansei Design has the Department of Kansei Design, and students may choose the Visual Design course or Living Design course for their career options.

Department of Kansei Design

Outline of the Department

The Department of Kansei Design is dedicated to the study and teaching of practical design with a particular emphasis on kansei (a Japanese term meaning all of the human senses, feelings, and/or sensitivity). Our students learn how to design not only with making full use of their own kansei, but also with taking into account that of those who will be using or viewing it. As kansei has a wide range of meaning, students will study the human mentality or way of seeing things, as well as subjects that are directly related to the design process, such as sketching, computer graphics, and color management.

The department offers two courses: Visual Design and Living Design. Each of these satisfies the students' need to acquire a broad knowledge and practical skills in designing. The Visual Design course provides students with an excellent opportunity to learn graphic design techniques. The students will obtain skills to handle graphic design software (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, and/or Dreamweaver) with the latest design methodologies. This course also covers the subjects required to become a teacher of fine art at junior high schools or high schools. On the Living Design course, students learn a variety of design skills related to creating a comfortable living space for all, with special emphasis placed on universal design and computer aided design (CAD). This course enables students not only to acquire the skills necessary to design home interiors and exteriors, but also to develop the deep understanding of human health and social welfare required of a specialist.

Do you want to learn practical design skills? If so, the Department of Kansei Design is ideally suited to meet your needs. We hope that you will find our two courses of interest.


Position Name Research Subject
Professor SAKAMOTO Yoshinori Source and Embodiment of an Idea in Picture and Graphic Design
Professor UMETSU Mitsuo Space Composition for the Urban Dwelling
Professor TAMURA Michiharu Cooperative Education Focused on Lifelong Education between Varied Local Schools
Professor OHTSU Masamichi Design and Business
Professor KOJIMA Koryo Development of Welfare Support Equipment
Professor MIZUNUMA Kazuo Jomon Culture and the Development of Earthenware Coated with Japanese lacquer
Professor TAKAHASHI Kozo Philosophy of education or historical studies on theories of education
Professor SATOU Taori Psychological Research on the Correlation between Appreciation and Creation of Haiku
Associate Prof. KIMURA Akio Web Design and On-Demand Education Applying the Streaming Methodology
Associate Prof. SEKIKAWA Hiroshi Visual Design and Sight Tricks
Associate Prof. TAKAHASHI Fumiaki Analysis of Branding Strategies in the Japanese Market
Associate Prof. KAWAMORITA Reiko Industrial Arts of Dyeing and Weaving
Associate Prof. MIYAKOSHI Naoyuki Design Tools Applied in Cognitive Psychology
Associate Prof. YOKOMIZO Ken Information Design
Lacturer ABE Nobuyuki Development of an Acoustic Reflector for Obstacle Detection and Direction Cognition by the Visually Handicapped
Assistant Prof. IWASAKI Mariko Japanese Linguistics

Visual desigh practice



Living environmental design practice

Welfare apparatus design

Interior design

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