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Access to Hachinohe

Rail and Air Travel

Situated 640 km to the north of Tokyo, Hachinohe City can be reached from there in about three hours by the Tohoku Shinkansen. It is also possible to travel by air between Tokyo Haneda International Airport and Misawa Airport (located 30 km north of Hachinohe City) in less than 90 minutes.

Hachinohe City was established in 1929 with a population of approximately 52,000.

Hachinohe's public halls, public library, history museum, and art museum are all located within a three-kilometer radius of the city.

Location of HIT

HIT is located in a 37-hectare area of wooded highland in the southern part of Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture. One of the most important cities in the Tohoku area of Japan, Hachinohe is well-known as a highly productive fishing port.

In the 14th century, the Nanbu clan built a castle in Hachinohe, and Hachinohe occupied an increasingly influential position during the Edo period. Its designation as a New Industrial City in 1964 facilitated its further development, and the Hachinohe Core Industrial Park, an industrial park that is home to a number of companies that use highly advanced technologies, opened there in 1991. With a current population of over 240,000, Hachinohe is now a well-structured, beautiful city that remains surrounded by nature, providing students with an ideal environment in which to study.

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